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Integrity of Madison County is named for a reason. Accounting, payroll services, consultation and tax preparation are the products, but integrity is the main focus of the business.

“My clients deserve someone with integrity to prepare their taxes and advise them in their businesses. It’s my business philosophy and standard. It’s how I live my life – it’s an integral part of me.”

                                                       -Yvonne Chastain, EA (Owner)

Yvonne and her staff place a high priority on customer relationships. “We treat people how they deserve to be treated and take the extra step or two to make sure they are happy. We strive to know everybody who walks through the door by name… even though we may only see them once a year.”





Yvonne has over 25 years of experience providing accounting and tax-preparation services. As an enrolled agent with the IRS since 2010, she is able to legally represent clients in the event of an IRS audit. She is a firm believer in building personal relationships with her clients and is a very proud grandmother.

Heather Ashton

Account Manager

Heather started with Integrity in 2018 and has since proven herself as an invaluable asset. With a degree in accounting and an unceasing work ethic, she spends every moment in the office intently. Off the clock, she attends her son's taekwondo matches, helps manage her husband's business, and goes to kickboxing classes for fun. 


Office Manager


Working for 15+ years on taxes and payroll with Yvonne, Donna is known around the office as the Silent Assassin. Quiet and focused, she executes every task that comes to her desk with precision and skill. She enjoys time at home with her 7 grandchildren and has been a Sunday School teacher for over 30 years. 

Caleb Chastain

Director of Marketing and Design


Caleb is the master of all things look and feel. Working and studying in art and design for over 11 years, he orchestrates and innovates everything visual from brand and business cards to what color our walls and office candy are. He's even designed some of our furniture! He operates as an independent graphic designer at CCCDESIGN.ART.


Account Manager

Rachel has been part of the Integrity team since 2013. She has a degree in business administration and she loves her husband, two boys, and her garden. Born in Ivory Coast, Africa, she speaks 7 different languages. If you ask her where her accent comes from she'll grin and tell you it's from Brooklyn.

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