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Feb-April 15


We chose the name Integrity for a reason.

Accounting, payroll services, consultation and tax preparation are the products, but integrity is the primary focus of our business.

“My clients deserve someone with integrity to prepare their taxes and advise them in their businesses. It’s my business philosophy and standard. It’s how I live my life – it’s an integral part of me.”

                                                       -Yvonne Chastain, EA (Owner)

Yvonne and her staff place a high priority on customer relationships. “We treat people how they deserve to be treated and take the extra step or two to make sure they are happy. We strive to know everybody who walks through the door by name… even though we may only see them once a year.”






Yvonne has over 25 years of experience providing accounting and tax-preparation services. As an enrolled agent with the IRS since 2010, she is able to legally represent clients in the event of an IRS audit.


On the off season, she exhaustively involves herself in continued education to stay sharp and relevant in current tax information. 

Yvonne was a registered nurse for 40+ years until 2015 where she shifted to focus fully on her business. When asked how she was able to switch to such a different field, she confidently replied,


"It's all the same to me. This is just another way I can use my natural and nurtured talents to be of valuable service to others and that feels good to me."

She is a firm believer in building personal relationships with her clients and is a very proud grandmother of 7. 



Account Manager


Working for 15+ years on taxes and payroll with Yvonne, Donna is known around the office as "the Silent Assassin". Quiet and focused, she executes every task that comes to her desk with precision and skill.


She enjoys time at home with her 7 grandchildren and their increasing zoo of pets. She has served as a Sunday School teacher at her church for over 30 years. 



Account Manager

Leah (Chastain) Stanley is a Pendleton native returned. After earning a degrees in Mathematics and Education in Nashville, TN, she went on to serve as a high school math educator in Kentucky then Tennessee for 12 years. 

Mid 2022 she decided to relocate her small family back to her hometown and join in on some of the fun here at Integrity. We are delighted to have her. 

Her younger brother wrote this bio. If you have the opportunity to speak with her you can reference the word "diarrhea" for pronunciation of her first name. It rhymes. 



We always have our eyes and ears open to new talent and opportunities. If you are interested in joining our crew, let us know. You may just be the person we never knew we were looking for. Contact us today.



Account Manager

Heather started with Integrity in 2018 and has since proven herself as an invaluable asset. With a degree in accounting and an unceasing work ethic, she spends every moment in the office intently.


Off the clock, Heather attends her son's taekwondo matches, helps manage her husband's business, and goes to kickboxing classes for fun. 



Director of Marketing and Design


Caleb is the master of all things look and feel. Working and studying in art and design for over 13 years, he orchestrates and innovates everything visual from brand and business cards to what color our walls and office candy are. He's even designed some of our furniture!


Sometimes you can find him at the front desk, but he mostly works behind the scenes. He designed this website, and he's available for design consultation if you want to work on your brand. 


Caleb is the proud companion of two adorable cats that he's ready to show you if you wanna see pictures, and he operates as an independent designer and artist at CCCDESIGN.ART.



Office Manager

Will is the ghost of a mischievous child whose spirit was trapped inside the boundaries of our tax office and this plane of existence after his death in the early 1900s.


He often takes the form of a wise-cracking adult man from Tennessee and he likes answering emails and creating spreadsheets. It's really strange but we try not to bother him with questions because he gets a lot done for us and we don't want him to start making doors slam and stacking all the furniture again.  



Account Manager

Linda officially started with Integrity during 2020. She has a bachelors in business management and is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). While she has enjoyed the extra time with her furry companion, Buster (a sweet senior, terrier mix rescue), retirement was lacking in opportunities for enriching interpersonal relationships. She's great with numbers and even better with people. We feel super fortunate to have her on our team. 



Front Desk Attendent

Call or visit today! We've got the best at our front desk. Holly joined Integrity for the 2022 tax season and we're so happy she did.

Some of our local clients may already recognize Holly. She's been located in Pendleton for over 18 years now where she raised her 3 kids with her husband, Eric, and their Maltipoo, Charlie.

She enjoys living here because of the close community feel. Stop by the office to introduce yourself, drop your taxes off, and listen to some country jams with her!

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